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Day 105 – Victory! (NBA Finals, Game 6)

June 16, 2010

Dateline: Beijing, China – Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Game 6. A blowout. Instead of going to The Den, I watched the game in the hostel. No English audio, but the video is much better. Chinese TV is using the NBA TV feed, which means there are fewer commercials. The Den used a Filipino channel to get the English audio. The price, however, was having Filipino TV producers. They’d use the ABC feed, but layer over their own commercials. They’d cut away from those highlight packages that you normally see in America to show a commercial where a transvestite hawked donuts (seriously). They’d time their commercials poorly and cut back to the game already in progress. They’d cram commercials into 20 second timeouts.

After watching the Chinese feed today, I realize that these practices were as annoying as hell. Watching a regular broadcast, even with Chinese announcers and no crowd noise, was much better. I also avoided all the Celtic fans and Laker haters that dominate The Den. Big plus.

With the Laker win, the series is going to seven games, a rare NBA treat. For now, let’s just say I’m optimistic about our chances, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Boston wins. I’m prepared for anything.

And that’s it. Spent some time writing, buying a train ticket, and trip planning. Call it a vacation day from my vacation. Periodically need one of those.

GALLERY: What, you want pictures of Mervyn shopping and writing? Come back tomorrow, when Mervyn hopes to visit Beijing’s modern art district.

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