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Day 118 – No

June 29, 2010

Dateline: Shanghai, China – Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today I had lunch with Doug, a friend of a friend who happens to run a travel business called Travel ING. They run tours throughout China catering to 20-35 year old English-speaking Westerners. The tours sound cool. While I can’t vouch for the tours (I didn’t go on one), I can say that Doug was a great source of information. He knows his stuff and we had a good time talking about how different China is from the U.S.

At Doug’s recommendation, I will be visiting the Shanghai World Expo 2010 tomorrow. I wasn’t planning on going. From other travelers, I’d heard it was just hordes of Chinese people waiting in four hour lines to get into country exhibits. Tickets are 150 rmb for the day which is kind of steep what with all the rain of the last week. I didn’t feel up to paying $22 for a soggy, pushy mess.

Doug said that just seeing the buildings was worth the visit. Weather’s supposed to clear up tomorrow so I won’t have to walk around the buildings soaked in anything other than my own sweat. Wait, is that better?

Eh. Not much else to report. I spent the day trying to find a cheap way down to Vietnam. Trains were out since I wouldn’t be able to get across the border before my visa ran out. Plane tickets all the way into Hanoi were way too expensive. In the end, I bought a plane ticket to Nanning where I hope to buy a bus ticket to Hanoi. Let’s hope this works out.

Unfortunately, that last paragraph took a visit to two train stations, a travel agency, and an hour on the Internet. All told, I killed my whole afternoon making travel arrangements, most of it sloshing through rain. I ended up just hanging out at Bri’s place watching tennis, writing, and eating in. Thrilling, no?

Till tomorrow.

GALLERY: Nothing but the pic above.

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