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Day 10 – Please, I Want Pay You To Make Me Work

October 20, 2010

Location: Cusco, Peru

Date: Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Seeing people out of context is a strange thing. Today Ashley, a friend since high school, arrived in Cusco. The last time we saw each other was a couple years back when I visited DC. Or was it when she came to California for Christmas? Regardless, it’s been a long time.

Now, we’re chatting like no time’s passed at all even though we’re in Cusco, 3,000 meters above and thousands of miles away from our natural habitats. Surrounded by relative strangers over a dinner of buffet Indian, we might as well be back in California. That is, if you can ignore the British, Aussie, and Spanish accents. That and the thin mountain air.

Ashley, Rob, and I will be doing a Sacred Valley tour. First time I’ll have to be beholden to someone else’s schedule. No local buses or perilous mountain roads; just a neat organized itinerary with a horde of fellow tourists.

Tomorrow, though, is the beginning of three intense days of one-on-one Spanish lessons. Yup. On my vacation, I’m paying someone to give me homework. Till tomorrow.

GALLERY: No bonus pictures today. Call it a recovery day from Machu Picchu.

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