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Day 11 – Jack’s Tasties in My Mouth

October 21, 2010

Location: Cusco, Peru

Date: Thursday, October 21, 2010

Enough with the historic sites, already. Today was a break from the historical and a visit to the practical. In South America, there is nothing more practical than learning Spanish. To that end, I subjected myself to three hours of Spanish tutoring.

But who the hell wants to hear about that? Trying to make that interesting is like trying to write a compelling script about the life of a transactional attorney. That doesn’t mean I won’t eventually try. I’m just not up to the challenge today.

For now, let’s just say it was more fun than it should have been and that there’s an urgency to learning a language because you know you can use what you’ve learned the second you walk out the classroom door. You can’t say that about very many subjects in life. As I said: very practical.

Instead of all that, let’s talk about breakfast. A late breakfast, actually. Jack’s is a Cusco ex-pat favorite and for good reason. The place is Western owned and portions are American-sized (read: big). Everything on the breakfast menu is delicious. I know this because, between the four of us, we ordered just about one of everything.

After days of local, 5 sole el menus at hole in the wall restaurants, it was a worthwhile splurge. I’d give you directions, but it’d be easier for you to just ask when you hit the ground in Cusco because all the Westerners know where it is. Usually that’d be a turn off, but in this case, the notoriety is well deserved. A little taste of home every once in a while never hurt.

GALLERY: No bonus pics today.

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