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Day 24 – Sex Is for Kids (Lima Bookstore)

November 3, 2010

Location: Lima, Peru

Date: Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Let’s talk about sex. Specifically, sex for kids. Today, shopping at a bookstore, we ran across a book entitled Sexualidad para Niños which is exactly what you’d expect it to be about. Except more. Way more.

The book is gigantic. Two feet tall and a foot and a half wide, you’d think it to be filled with cute illustrations of where babies come from. You’d be partially right. The kid-friendly illustrations are there, but the pages are filled mostly with small print text about everything you’d ever want to know about sex. I think it could it have taught me a thing or two.

There was a glossary of all the sexual organs (clitoris included). Of course, there was a kid’s style illustration of a naked man and woman accompanied by arrows and labels. There was a page devoted to how to wear a condom, accompanied by little pictures of a smiling condom over a penis in various states of fit (tight, loose, just right). There were activities like a maze for sperm to reach the egg. There was even a picture of daddy on top of mommy (covers and arms provided discretion, but not without a little side boob action). This is a book a kid could own through adulthood.

I should have bought the book. If there’s anything I regret so far on my trip (other than scarring myself for life), it’s walking away from that store without a giant, neon book about all things sexual. Imagine all the useful Spanish I could have learned. Imagine that sitting on the coffee table at home. Or strapped to the outside of my backpack. It’s a conversation starter.

Later, I realized that the book was probably more for the parents than their kids. The illustrations and the pitch towards niños was likely just a way of couching the book’s message. Because it was in Spanish, I can only guess what that message was. For now I’ll have to live with more conversational Spanish that’s, sadly, a little less sensual.

I Put It in My Mouth – A Periodic Feature on Food Told (Mostly) in Pictures

Today I got back on the horse. That’s a little easier with Japanese-Peruvian fusion. Fusion means flavors like aji panca and Peruvian mayo. Light, easy, and, after two orders of vegetables, guaranteed to keep things moving. Also, delicious.

GALLERY: No bonus pics today.

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