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Day 27 – Leaving Lima

November 6, 2010

Location: Roads out of Lima, Peru

Date: Saturday, November 6, 2010

No more delays. Futbol game is done. Stomach’s almost back in order. Gear’s packed. Clothes are washed. It’s time to hit the road.

But not without first thanking the generous folks that let me stay in their spare bedroom. Karem’s family, top to bottom, has been more generous than I can describe. When my body betrayed me, they gave me medicine and were there with helpful advice on how to best recover. Taking care of an overeating foreigner was more than they bargained for. I appreciate all that they did.

It’s now a 24-hour sprint to Puno near the border with Bolivia. I won’t have time to stop at Colca Canyon in Arequipa or at the floating islands of Puno’s shores. I do, however, plan on taking a short trek on Bolivia’s Isla del Sol to make up for it. It’s a consolation prize for having to sprint my way to Buenos Aires and the possibility of an Argentinian asado.

The first leg: a 15-hour bus ride to Arequipa. It should be fun.

I Put It in My Mouth – A Sometimes Feature on Food Told (Mostly) in Pictures

Sin lactosa. Two magic words I wish I’d known when I landed in Lima. It means “without lactose” and is the saving grace for any intolerant milk lover. Here in Peru, you’ll see all manner of juices made with leche. Often, the concoction loses some of its charm without creamy dairy. But, if you just say the two little words, you can have it all without the consequences.

GALLERY: No bonus pictures today.

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