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Day 34 – La Paz

November 13, 2010

Location: Streets of La Paz, Bolivia

Date: Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wandering the streets today, shopping for a Death Road mountain bike trip, we once again experienced the madness that is La Paz’s city streets. Bus after bus rolls past, barking out destinations to potential passengers. Pedestrians dart in and out of traffic. The colors of a street market pop against the bluest sky of any city in the world.

Adding to it all are the hills and the altitude, which makes you a bit lightheaded. I can’t imagine there are many other places like this in the world. Today, I’ll let the pics do the talking.

I Put It in My Mouth – A Periodic Feature on Food Told (Mostly) in Pictures

GALLERY: No bonus pics today.

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  1. November 19, 2010 9:56 am

    Oh, saltenas!! (How do you get the “n-yeh” mark?)

    I’ve never been to another genuinely high-elevation big town – maybe in Tibet?

    Still, even in Tibet, they may have the vibrant blue sky, but I wonder if they have the same cacophonous bustle that characterizes La Paz…

    Unique in my experience, anyhow….a great place.

    I envy you the bicycle trip down the Death Road (check out:

    Will you get to Cochabamba? It’s wonderful. I’d also recommend Potosi – take a trip through one of the mines in El Cerro Rico!

    And if the train still runs from Potosi to Antofogasta, Chile…that’s REALLY memorable!

    I miss South America……

    • November 20, 2010 2:06 pm

      The ¨ñ¨ can be achieved by either:

      1. Owning a Spanish language keyboard (easy to find here in South America) or
      2. ALT + 0124 on most Windows machines.

      Salteñas are great. I´m hoping I can have a few in Salta, the place where they were reportedly created.

      Tibet´s on the list. Got to get there before the Han Chinese fully assimilate it and its culture.

      I won´t make it to Cochabamba this time. I´m looking to get to Buenos Aires as soon as possible to I can take a break. I need another pause. Time to eat, sit, write, walk, relax, and not move around. I wanted to do a mine tour. Perhaps if I have time and money on the back end of this trip. The reality is, South America is just too big.

      • November 20, 2010 2:58 pm

        Oh, indeed….you need a year, at least.

        We’ve traveled overland (in two trips) for about six months. Still LOADS to see – may not live long enough, as there are many other places, as well.


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