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Day 43 – Salta

November 22, 2010

Location: Salta, Argentina

Date: Monday, November 22, 2010

Argentina is different. Walking the streets around the city’s main square, what strikes you is that you’ve entered a consumer culture. The locals are window shopping. They buy because they can, not because they need to. That’s not everyone, of course, but it seems like there are more people here doing so than in Bolivia and Peru. In that way, it doesn’t feel that far from home.

There’s not a lot of time to contemplate this, though. I’ve got to hop a 20-hour bus from Salta to Buenos Aires. I could stick around here for another day, but I really feel like getting to a place where I can sit for a week and do nothing. Staying here might be fun, but it would mean one less day of lounging in BA.

By 3 p.m. I’m on the bus. I’ll leave that for a separate post. Just know, since it’s me, it didn’t go smoothly. Till tomorrow.

I Put It in My Mouth – A Periodic Feature on Food Told (Kinda) in Pictures

In the few hours I had before my bus left, I tried to find salteñas. They’re supposed to have been created here, so it seemed appropriate to eat them at the source. No dice. Couldn’t find them. Instead, I had to settle for empanadas.

I don’t know what the difference is between salteñas and empanadas. Perhaps spelling? They seem the same to me. Granted, these empanadas didn’t have potatoes or vegetables in them. Otherwise, they seemed the same.

In the first 24 hours in Argentina I’ve knocked out beef and empanadas. Not bad food tourism if I don’t say so myself.

GALLERY: No bonus pics today.

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