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Day 49 – Pizza the Argentine Way

November 28, 2010

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date: Sunday, November 28, 2010

Part of the fun of traveling is trying old foods in new ways. Tonight: my first experience with boiled egg on pizza followed immediately by my first experience with eggs over easy on pizza. Gotta love Argentina.

It all went down at a local pizza joint renowned amongst locals. The place was packed, with a line out the door. Decorated with old Argentine movie posters, pictures commemorating World Cup wins, football (soccer) players, and signed pictures of famous visitors, the place was steeped in the country’s lore. The restaurant even managed to provide the infamously awful service, our waiter forgetting to bring us silverware and beer fifteen times.

That didn’t stop us from ordering, though. After a quick perusal of the menu we settled on some old standards, but tossed in a couple new takes.

So how is egg over pizza? Good, actually. The boiled egg is like pizza with potato slices (if you’re into that). The over easy egg is even better, to me. Think breakfast combined with dinner, all over pizza. The soft egg cooks on the still warm pizza and the yolk runs all over the pan when you slice through it. Not for everyone I’m sure, but quite good.

So you want a piece of Argentina at home? Break out the eggs, bust out the Quilmes, but not before you stand outside in the cold with a bunch of Porteño speakers. You’ll be one deaf waiter away from a night in Buenos Aires.

GALLERY: No bonus pics. Mervyn is still relaxing.

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