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Day 57 – La Cabrera Again

December 6, 2010

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date: Monday, December 6, 2010

Today was a straight up food day. It began with failure. A subway expedition led by me to, in my opinion, the best empanadas place in Buenos Aires (a place called La Cocina) was for naught; the place was closed. Post-empanada failure, our group split up. Half went to a drum show.

The rest, including myself, hung around Palermo waiting for La Cabrera to open. We regrouped at 10 pm for a giant meal of meat, a sort of mini-redux of my Danish Thanksgiving. This time around I opted for a lomo recommended by our waiter. Even better than last time. Once again, our table opted for the dessert sampler. Once again, we ate it all.

Two times to La Cabrera in two weeks may be too much but, then again, isn’t too much what vacation is all about? What can I say? I know what I like.

I Swallowed – A periodic feature on drink told (mostly) in pictures

Frenet and Coke is a typical Argentine drink. Frenet is not what I would call delicious, but the locals drink it up. When asked what it tasted like, I said “antifreeze.” Not that I’ve ever tasted it but that’s what came to mind. Answers included: toilet bowl cleaner, turpentine, and rubbing alcohol. It is not clear whether other respondents were making their comparisons from experience.

GALLERY: Click through to see a bonus pic of Andrew and Linds staring down a giant plate of sugar.

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