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Day 85

January 3, 2011

Location: El Bolson, Argentina

Date: Monday, January 3, 2011

Last night, arriving in the rain meant deciding on the place to stay which thus meant finding the closest place that had a free room and could be easily located on a map. Let’s just say it was a rushed, expensive decision.

That is, however, the peril of traveling without a guidebook. I haven’t had one since Bolivia and, here in El Bolson, it actually presented a problem. Usually or random Google searches ahead of time are enough to get by. Didn’t work out this time because of the last two days were on the bus through a place so desolate that it’s possible they’ve never heard of the interwebs. That little hiccup cost me the day today looking for a place to stay. Randomly calling places, asking for rooms, finding a decent spot, and settling in.

Call it a wash. Call it a lost day. It basically was.

On the upside, I haven’t had to spend the $25 on a heavy guidebook.

GALLERY: No pictures. Really. None.

Mervyn is a traveler who brings too much, eats too much, and writes way too much.  To learn more, read his overwritten FAQ or flip through the archives.

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