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Day 221 – Bike Tour of Poop (Guadalajara)

May 19, 2011

Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

Date: Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sometimes you want to love a place but one rude resident ruins the whole place for you. Guadalajara, unfortunately, was that place for me.

My goal was to take a quick bike tour of the city before hopping a bus to Puerto Vallarta. Everything started fine. I traded my ID for a bike from the hostel, grabbed a map, then headed out on a loop around the city’s sites. I had plenty of time for a leisurely bike ride.

Guadalajara is big. It’s Mexico’s second largest city. Biking it is not some leisurely tour through a pueblito. It’s a journey through busy city streets.

Which is fine. I dodged my way through traffic to the old city center which has all the museums, old churches, and principal plaza. There’s a lot of open space and pedestrian and bike only areas. It’s lovely. I was admiring architecture and enjoying the breeze of a freewheeling bike when I stopped to take a picture up the main pedestrian stretch.

Then it happened. An unprovoked assault by a city resident that gutted what should have been a two hour longer tour of the city center.

Out of the sky I was hit with pigeon poop. Not a little, but a handful of the stuff. I looked up but the culprit was gone. As urine and feces soaked into my clothing and hair I reviewed my options: (1) continue the bike tour marinating in bird filth or head back early, grab a shower, and avoid being “that guy” on 5 hour bus to the coast.

I headed back to the hostel. I showered.

Guadalajara gave me lucha libre. It also gave me a head full of pigeon shit. I think I pretty much broke even.

Next time, though, I think I’ll skip the bike and just take the tour bus. And avoid the second level open roof.

Till next time Guadalajara.

GALLERY: No bonus pictures today. Mervyn got pooped on.

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